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Kristofs Blaus

Kristofs Blaus

Latvian entrepreneur and civic activist

I've been building and managing companies for 16 years. To not lose time, I started already at the age of 19 and I am happy to see that, together with incredible friends and partners, have managed to build significant projects that successfully contribute to Latvia's economy, democracy and security.

Most significant projects

most of my time and ideas over the last 16 years have been invested in these wonderful projects



Nutrameg is a healthtech startup developing patented nutrition technology for weight management and fitness used by millions of people worldwide in 30 languages.

Uznemeji Mieram Entrepreneurs for Peace

Entrepreneurs for Peace
co-founder and board members

Charity fund of Latvian entrepreneurs to support of Ukrainian army and civilians. Since the Russian attack, we have provided more than 10 million euros in aid for Ukraine and united more than 200 Latvian business people. logo

An officially recognized public initiative platform that has achieved about 60 changes in laws, including amendments to the constitution. " puts Latvia at the forefront of European e-democracy efforts" The New York Times


Food tech startup cooks personalized and healthy food with delivery to help our clients follow their fitness, weight management and health goals

StartSchool Logo Crop.png

co-founder and board member

Tech business school providing free education for the next technology leaders of Latvia

Publications and Events


Happy to discuss new business and investment projects. Let's connect on Linkedin.

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