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Kristofs Blaus

Latvian entrepreneur and civic activist

I've been building and managing companies for 16 years. To not lose time, I started already at the age of 19 and I am happy to see that, together with incredible friends and partners, have managed to build significant projects that successfully contribute to Latvia's economy, democracy and security.

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Entrepreneurs for Peace – Kristofs Blaus and Ieva Driksna addressing the Ukraine supporters

The morning after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, some of us startups got together in a whatsapp chat and looked for blood transfusion containers for Ukraine. A colleague, Roberts Flaumanis, whose godmother runs the medical company Arbor Medical, immediately responded, and after the first phone call, she donated all of her warehouse stock. This donation was the first of millions of aid items we sent to Ukraine in the coming months.

Any Latvian businessman called was immediately ready to donate money, program, write, design, donate goods, fuel or transport. The best people from these companies were personally involved to work on weekends, evenings and nights.

Within the first three days, we had already grown to about 100 companies. Fierce competitors side by side working like family. Without any side gain - with the only concern to defend the lives of Ukrainians as soon as possible and understanding that actually - we are also protecting our own freedom from Russia.

Latvian businessmen united as quickly and as efficiently as anyone and set an example for the whole world. How Latvians are fast, united and dangerous opponents. Our drones, weapons, medicine, food, clothes and the speed with which the Latvians provided all of this, changed the course of the war, saved lives, stopped countless tanks and Putin's criminals.

Let every Latvian know and remember that our people and entrepreneurs are currently among the world leaders in the fight against Putin. And we as leaders must continue until victory.


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